Writing Prompts That Don't Suck

Three amazing nouns. Use them all in your story.

a community college librarian, a beauty pageant, a bar cart with a magical chalice on it

Write a story about a reality show star who turns out to be (a) an android, (b) from the future, (c) an evil twin, or (d) all of the above.

Three things. Use them all in your glorious, glorious story.

a bucket filled with a mysterious pink substance, a unopened letter, an elderly white horse

Start your story with: Jenna stared wistfully at the carton of strawberry ice cream behind the glass.

End your story with: She knew Dave would never forgive her for such delicious cruelty, but she was OK with that.

Pick and choose whatever you want and use it in your brilliant story. Use as many or as few as you want. Who am I to tell you want to do?

time travel, kittens, an expired library card, foreign currency, a saloon, existential despair, muzak

Fill in the blanks and use these somewhere in your story.

Lucille dragged the _______ out of the closet. It didn’t look bad for something that was ________.

Use all of this in your story.

Genre: magical realism
an underground filmmaker
two teenagers have run away to Mexico to get married and no one can find them

Write a story with all of these words in it. Leave some out and fear my wrath or something.

aptitude, slog, manifest, persnickety, capsule, lovesick, teaspoon

Write a story with these three things:

a can of pink paint, a single dad just trying to make it in the suburbs, a dungeon (what kind of dungeon? you decide)

Sorry I have been negligent! I’ve been managing my band’s Tumblr and have just been kinda busy in general.

Put all this stuff in your story. I mean, really, where else are you going to put it?

Genre: family saga

Person: an art museum docent

Problem: items around town keep disappearing and reappearing and only one person seems to be noticing

A couple is dining at a restaurant. One half of the couple seems to be tripping balls, while the other seems genuinely amused by this. Write a story about this from the perspective of the server. Keep in mind, the server knows this couple and does not know them to be so trippy. Also, the server is not human.

Three random things. Use ‘em in your glorious story.

a Virgin Mary statue, a bucket of marbles, a sandwich nobody will eat

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