Writing Prompts That Don't Suck

Write a story that takes place entirely on a ski lift. And it needs to have at least one science fiction element.

Write about a backstabbing liar who gets their comeuppance. You also have to include a bunch of kittens, a bottle of wine, a feminist book club.

Write a story with your favorite crap from the ’90s in it. It doesn’t have to take place in the ’90s, but just make sure there are plenty of Doc Martens, Hammer pants, mom jeans, riot grrrl bands, zines, and flannel in it.

Use these damn words in your story. All of them.

finitude, horoscope, vitamin, microcosm, burnout, bravado, chasm

Write a horror story that takes place in a candy factory. Be sure you include some creepy toddlers.

Write about someone who has to overcome some serious, deeply rooted hang-ups to save someone’s life. I mean, like, really serious hang-ups.

Write about someone who decides not to set their clock back for daylight saving time. And no, they can’t live in Arizona or Hawaii.

Write a story about some really boring people. Have something really boring happen to them that completely turns their world upside down.

Write about something really gross. Like, something way grosser than you’d ever want to write about. Be sure to also include something really cute in the story.

Write about a skydiving adventure that goes horribly wrong, but not in the way you’d think.

Write a story about someone who won’t take off their Halloween costume even though Halloween is, like, way over.

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