Writing Prompts That Don't Suck

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Use all of this stuff in your story:

a high-powered CEO who is hiding his identity as a vampire, a grungy ’50s-themed diner, a bottle filled with blue liquid

Fill in the blanks and use this somewhere in your story:

When Shelby arrived at the _________, she knew she was going to have to ________ for her __________.

Use all three of these things in your story:

an ambivalent cheerleader, a convenience store, one of those roses made out of panties

What? You’ve never seen those panty roses before? Truly, you don’t get out much.

Write a story with these three things. Why three? Because four would make the man nervous: tentacles, rose petals, a broken locket

Use all these words in your story. Yes, ALL OF THEM!

charisma, succulent, granite, queen, blender, taxi, obscene

And I feel fine.

End your story with this sentence: When she looked in the mirror, she finally realized why she had such a hard time finding a date for the prom.

Use these three things in your story, even if you don’t want to:

a Renaissance faire, a rainbow, a stupid frat boy

And for the love of Jesus, please no double-rainbow jokes!!!!

But I am anyway. So, the husband got this pointless little proverb in his fortune cookie the other night:

"A crab wonton a day keeps the doctor away."

Write a story that somehow demonstrates this. Be sure to throw in an ironic twist or something.

Use this sentence somewhere in your story: It was just another day of killing zombies on the beach for Veronica.

Write a story where, instead of customer support and production jobs, executive jobs are outsourced to India, China, or Singapore.

Life imitates art! Or, at least we can hope so!

Your favorite historical figure time travels to the future (or the past?) and wins the Texas lottery. He or she uses the winnings to buy a trailer park. Write about the hilarity (or horribleness) that ensues.

Why do I have so many Texas-themed prompts?

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