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Use all of this stuff in your story:

a high-powered CEO who is hiding his identity as a vampire, a grungy ’50s-themed diner, a bottle filled with blue liquid

Write about a meeting in a corporate office that goes horribly, horribly wrong. Be sure to include something supernatural or really weird.

Use all of these nouns in your story:

an unlabeled can of soup, a cigarette pack filled with M&M’s, an unrequited crush

Hey, this thing still works! How about a writing prompt? Use these things in your story.

a snake-oil salesman, a backyard cookout, a malfunctioning vacuum cleaner

Also found out we were mentioned here (thanks to Chrissie for the heads up!). So if you found us there, welcome! Sometimes I only get to update this thing sporadically because I get busy with band stuff.

Use this line of dialogue in your story.

"I don’t want to fail just because other people have terrible taste."

Start your story with this sentence:

Every morning I wake up in the armpit of this alien world.

All of this stuff. Use it in your story.

Genre: tragicomedy
Person: a psychic pizza-delivery woman
Problem: There’s a funeral, but the casket is empty.

Use all of these brilliant words in your wondrous story:

jigger, lampoon, cavalcade, amalgamate, tableau, phosphorescence, paraphernalia

Write a story with these three things in it.

a slightly incompetent jazz band, a locket, a gross of plastic dinosaurs

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