Writing Prompts That Don't Suck

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Use all of these nouns in your story:

an unlabeled can of soup, a cigarette pack filled with M&M’s, an unrequited crush

Start your story with: Jenna stared wistfully at the carton of strawberry ice cream behind the glass.

End your story with: She knew Dave would never forgive her for such delicious cruelty, but she was OK with that.

A new diner opens in a small Texas town. At the same time, the town’s mayor disappears and a mysterious female stranger comes to town. Also, 20 people in the town die. Are all these events related? 

Write about a picnic that takes place in a park immediately after the zombie apocalypse has begun.

Write a story that revolves around cupcakes. Be sure you include a crazy priest and a cat-obsessed punk rocker. 

Write about someone who really, really hates salad.

Salad really is stupid. Really stupid.

Write a story in which the protagonist can only talk with food in his or her mouth. No food, no talky.

Use this profound line of dialogue in your story.

"I have moved past the need for food and now subsist solely on abstract concepts."

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