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Three amazing nouns. Use them all in your story.

a community college librarian, a beauty pageant, a bar cart with a magical chalice on it

Three things. Use them all in your story or whatever:

a magic ukulele, a crystal ball, an ice cream shop

Use all this stuff in your story:

Genre: urban fantasy

Person: an executive with a secret life

Problem: a local cult is stealing livestock

So this regular chick goes to a potluck thinking it’s a regular potluck, because why not, right? But it turns out everyone else there is either a demon, a warlock, a witch, or some other kind of mystical-type creature or person. How do things go? Does she ever find out that her fellow potluckees are not of this world? Does she end up eating a cursed quinoa casserole?

Write about a mysterious kitty that gets adopted. Maybe it has magical powers, or maybe it just gets really epic hairballs — that’s all up to you.

Write a story in which the protagonist drives a run-down, old car with special powers.

Write a story about a magical baby. Maybe throw in a cynical talking panther or a world war or something if you’re feeling ambitious.

Nouns! They’re amazing! Use them in your story:

a therapist, the shower room at the gym, a magical amulet

Write about the world’s most famous autoharp player. Extra points if it’s a magical autoharp.

Write a story with these three things in it:

breakfast, a paper mill, a cut-rate magician

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