Writing Prompts That Don't Suck

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Three lovely things. Use them to write your story.

Genre: mockumentary

Person: a construction worker with psychic powers

Problem: someone killed the homecoming queen; she probably deserved it

Stuff for your story. Use it well.

Genre: cyberpunk

Person: a family having dinner together

Problem: Sister assassinated the mayor

Stories about little kids who do horrific things are awesome. So naturally, you should write one.

Use all of these in your story. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Genre: thriller

Person: a graphic designer

Problem: Someone ate the last of the Chee-Tos. Oh yeah, they also murdered the department manager. 

We’re half-way to 300! Not that that really means anything!

Genre: mystery

Person: a Walmart cashier with a horrible secret

Problem: Someone was murdered on aisle 3. Also, a deadly virus is spreading all over town.

All of these. They go in your story.

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