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Write about a meeting in a corporate office that goes horribly, horribly wrong. Be sure to include something supernatural or really weird.

Here are three things. Use them in your story or something.

a six pack of beer, a ray gun, a boring Christmas office party

Write a story that takes place in a department at a publishing company. Maybe it’s the editing department. Or the layout department. Or the executive offices. Maybe it’s about the slush readers or the receptionist. Just be sure to throw in a supernatural, science-fiction, fantasy or horror element.

Write about how someone’s bad day at work turns into something mind-blowingly amazing and life-changing.

Write about someone who goes into work on the weekend to find something really strange taking place at the office. 

Human sacrifices and satanic rituals are a plus. So are Wiccan gatherings.

Write a story about an office that doesn’t do typical “office work.” Make it weird, yo.

Write about a virus that’s going around a corporate office, and it’s not just any virus …

And it better not be a zombie virus … nope, no cliches here.

Write story about a vampire who works in a corporate office. Nobody knows that he/she is a vampire … until …

Write a story that takes place in hell. The catch? Hell is run like a corporate office, complete with cubicles, cranky HR ladies, water coolers (or water HEATERS! because it’s hell!), copy machines, and fax machines.

Write a story about a disgruntled office worker who leaves his or her job. This person writes the most epic resignation letter in the history of resignation letters. Make the reasons for the worker’s departure clear—the more strange, dark and over-the-top, the better.

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