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All of this stuff. Use it in your story.

Genre: tragicomedy
Person: a psychic pizza-delivery woman
Problem: There’s a funeral, but the casket is empty.

A pizza-delivery boy is running through a neighborhood like he is being pursued but there is no one behind him. Write about what this guy is running from.

Look at us, slackers! We finally made it to 100, and I have to say, we don’t look bad for our age. In honor of our awesomeness, here is an epic, mega-prompt. If you actually get a story out of this, you are truly the Greatest American Hero.

Use all of these things in your story. There’s a lot going on here, so hopefully your feeble mind isn’t completely blown away:

Genre: slasher horror

Person: a lady scientist

Three things: a journal, a food processor, a machine gun

Seven words: surreptitious, lithe, jar, sleazy, flaunt, extinguish, cavalcade

Use this sentence somewhere in your story: She knew she should have packed her toothbrush.

Situation: Someone orders a pizza, but it never arrives.

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