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Use all of these nouns in your story:

an unlabeled can of soup, a cigarette pack filled with M&M’s, an unrequited crush

Use this line of dialogue in your story.

"I don’t want to fail just because other people have terrible taste."

Use all of these things in your story. Your story that you should have already started writing:

a snarky introvert, the basement of a pizza place, a mysterious piece of metal

Start your story with: Jenna stared wistfully at the carton of strawberry ice cream behind the glass.

End your story with: She knew Dave would never forgive her for such delicious cruelty, but she was OK with that.

Use all of this in your story.

Genre: magical realism
an underground filmmaker
two teenagers have run away to Mexico to get married and no one can find them

Write a story with all of these words in it. Leave some out and fear my wrath or something.

aptitude, slog, manifest, persnickety, capsule, lovesick, teaspoon

Here are three nouns. Use them in your story:

a warlock, a Dairy Queen, a 6-pack of beer

Here are seven words. Use them all in your story. Then cry.

slovenly, loiter, impetuous, pussyfoot, nosh, pestilential, doohickey

Fill in the blank and use this sentence in your story:

She threw the _____________ into the closet. If anyone found it, she’d just have to ____________ them.

A suburban housing subdivision is infested with zombies. Write a story either explaining how this came to be or how the infestation is dealt with. Or both.

Aren’t most suburbs filled with zombies? Har, har, har …

Use all of these words in your story or the Boogie Man will come get you. The one from the song, not your closet.

marble, phantasmagoric, complacent, magenta, craftsmanship, voluptuous, memo

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