Writing Prompts That Don't Suck

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Here are three nouns. Use them in your story:

a warlock, a Dairy Queen, a 6-pack of beer

Here are seven words. Use them all in your story. Then cry.

slovenly, loiter, impetuous, pussyfoot, nosh, pestilential, doohickey

Fill in the blank and use this sentence in your story:

She threw the _____________ into the closet. If anyone found it, she’d just have to ____________ them.

A suburban housing subdivision is infested with zombies. Write a story either explaining how this came to be or how the infestation is dealt with. Or both.

Aren’t most suburbs filled with zombies? Har, har, har …

Use all of these words in your story or the Boogie Man will come get you. The one from the song, not your closet.

marble, phantasmagoric, complacent, magenta, craftsmanship, voluptuous, memo

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