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Write a story with these three things in it.

a slightly incompetent jazz band, a locket, a gross of plastic dinosaurs

Three amazing nouns. Use them all in your story.

a community college librarian, a beauty pageant, a bar cart with a magical chalice on it

Three things. Use them all in your glorious, glorious story.

a bucket filled with a mysterious pink substance, a unopened letter, an elderly white horse

Pick and choose whatever you want and use it in your brilliant story. Use as many or as few as you want. Who am I to tell you want to do?

time travel, kittens, an expired library card, foreign currency, a saloon, existential despair, muzak

Someone finds a takeout container and drink on the side of the road. They also find a mysterious book. Who do these items belong to and how did they get there?

Here are three things. They all go in your story:

a giant squid, a line of cancan dancers, a jet pack

Here’s some stuff I found in the junk drawer. Throw it in your story so I don’t have to deal with the guilt of throwing it away.

a painting with a curse on it, pink panties, chicken bones, several bottles of booze, a fake I.D., a bunch of matches

Here are seven words. Use them all in your story. Then cry.

slovenly, loiter, impetuous, pussyfoot, nosh, pestilential, doohickey

Here are three things. Use them all in your story.

A ukulele, a ray gun, a bowl of cookie dough

You know … things. Things to use in your story you’ll never finish.

knitting, a broken bone, a dead hamster

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