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These words. They are so super. So super you should put them in your story.

analog, scintilla, straggle, jostle, titivate, congregation, indecorous

Nouns make the world go ‘round. Use these particular ones in your story:

a record store cashier with latent super powers, an abandoned movie theater, a mysterious item that fell from space

Fill in the blanks and use this in your story:

Some mornings she felt like she couldn’t even ________. But this morning, she knew anything was possible. Maybe even ________.

Use all of these damn words in your glorious work of fiction:

powwow, harem, opposable, grim, pragmatic, sanctimony, tremolo

Use these three things in your story:

bongo drums, a mall, a heartbroken science teacher

And use these seven words:

petulant, guesswork, heady, ingratiate, officious, floride, philter

Use these damn words in your story. All of them.

finitude, horoscope, vitamin, microcosm, burnout, bravado, chasm

Write a story. Use all of these words:

fiasco, pestilent, variform, zealous, culpable, histrionic, moonshine

Here are seven words. Use them in your frickin’ story.

smattering, globule, inert, accoutrement, stymie, skirt, mohawk

Here are seven words. Use them in your story.

smother, supercilious, perpendicular, torpid, ensconce, hub, peignoir

Write a story with all of these words:

murky, patina, rue, effusive, foozle, hellacious, noxious

Use all of these words in your story:

anathema , misanthropy, perfunctory, sycophant, voracity, verisimilitude

Here are seven words. Use them all in your story. Then cry.

slovenly, loiter, impetuous, pussyfoot, nosh, pestilential, doohickey

Today’s edition is composed of words I absolutely hate. Use ‘em all in your story.

whimsical, palate, yummy, darling, handsome, trod, munch

Here are seven words of varying interestingness. Use them all in your story:

lax, fester, adorable, glisten, fastidiously, zephyr, mosey

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