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Put all this stuff in your story. I mean, really, where else are you going to put it?

Genre: family saga

Person: an art museum docent

Problem: items around town keep disappearing and reappearing and only one person seems to be noticing

Three random things. Use ‘em in your glorious story.

a Virgin Mary statue, a bucket of marbles, a sandwich nobody will eat

These words. They are so super. So super you should put them in your story.

analog, scintilla, straggle, jostle, titivate, congregation, indecorous

Fill in the blanks and use this in your story:

Some mornings she felt like she couldn’t even ________. But this morning, she knew anything was possible. Maybe even ________.

Use all this junk in your story:

Genre: gonzo journalism

Person: a paramedic

Problem: children have overthrown the adults and are ruling the world

Use these three things in your story:

bongo drums, a mall, a heartbroken science teacher

And use these seven words:

petulant, guesswork, heady, ingratiate, officious, floride, philter

Write a story about someone who won’t take off their Halloween costume even though Halloween is, like, way over.

Write a story about an unassuming antique store with a weird secret. Make it weird as fuck.

Write a story about a cover band who ends up having to save a bunch of people from giant ants or aliens or hyper-intelligent cat-people.

Write about someone who is completely and utterly awful in every way imaginable. Maybe throw in a unicorn or a narwhal.

A new prompt! It’s a Christmas miracle!

Write about someone whose terrifying Christmas-themed fan fiction is discovered by their significant other. Is the significant other horrified or intrigued?

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