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Put all this stuff in your story. I mean, really, where else are you going to put it?

Genre: family saga

Person: an art museum docent

Problem: items around town keep disappearing and reappearing and only one person seems to be noticing

A couple is dining at a restaurant. One half of the couple seems to be tripping balls, while the other seems genuinely amused by this. Write a story about this from the perspective of the server. Keep in mind, the server knows this couple and does not know them to be so trippy. Also, the server is not human.

Three random things. Use ‘em in your glorious story.

a Virgin Mary statue, a bucket of marbles, a sandwich nobody will eat

These words. They are so super. So super you should put them in your story.

analog, scintilla, straggle, jostle, titivate, congregation, indecorous

Three amazing things! Use them in your story. Your story that will truly change the world, I’m sure:

Genre: Regency romance

Person: an artist who is struggling to be more than a one-trick pony

Problem: supernatural beings of some sort are trying to cross over into our reality

Write about someone who comes back to work after a long weekend and quits because they used their weekend to accomplish something truly earth-shattering (or just something really, really lucrative).

I was really hoping someone on Reddit would reblog my cat photos and make me famous before the weekend was over.

Write a suspenseful horror story that centers around Christmas lights.

Because apparently we’re skipping Thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas.

Nouns make the world go ‘round. Use these particular ones in your story:

a record store cashier with latent super powers, an abandoned movie theater, a mysterious item that fell from space

Fill in the blanks and use this in your story:

Some mornings she felt like she couldn’t even ________. But this morning, she knew anything was possible. Maybe even ________.

Use all of these damn words in your glorious work of fiction:

powwow, harem, opposable, grim, pragmatic, sanctimony, tremolo

Use this line of dialogue in your story.

“‘Binary gender roles are fun!’ That’s what he said before I totally reamed him.”

Invent a new kind of vampire and write a story about it. I mean, if Nosferatu, Dracula, and Twilight can all have different vampires, surely you can make up your own, right?

Use all this junk in your story:

Genre: gonzo journalism

Person: a paramedic

Problem: children have overthrown the adults and are ruling the world

Use these three things in your story:

bongo drums, a mall, a heartbroken science teacher

And use these seven words:

petulant, guesswork, heady, ingratiate, officious, floride, philter

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