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Write about a picnic that takes place in a park immediately after the zombie apocalypse has begun.

Write a story about a wedding and zombies. There should be a LOT of gore.

Start your story with: We were roasting marshmallows over the campfire when we heard Janet’s harrowing screams.

End your story with: That was one summer vacation I’d never forget, try as I might.

Write about someone who cheats in school. And it’s not just any school. It’s a school for zombie hunters.

OK, here goes:

Take the name of your favorite song (or just any song—whatever) and make that the name of your story. Then take the first line of the chorus and make that a key line of dialogue. Then throw in some Nazis and zombies just to spice it up a little.

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The Nazi zombies will spare you if you do.

Write a zombie story that takes place in outer space (like on a spaceship or something). Make it sci-fi-licious.

One day the entire U.S. government turns to zombies - the president, Congress, the Senate, mayors, city councils, the postal service - they all turning in drooling undead corpses. Figure out what that entails and write a story.

I know, I know, most of the government is already kind of zombie-like, but be creative.

Hangin’ out, hangin’ out, hangin’ out with the family … got some attractive cousins!

Write a story about a mixed zombie-vampire-and/or-werewolf family.

You can thank Rifftrax/Birdemic for the intro text.

Write about a happy hour that takes a turn for the not-so-happy.

If you can work a T-Rex or zombie uprising into the story, I will respect you so much.

Use all this stuff in your story:

Genre: historical fiction

Person: a scientist

Problem: there’s another zombie uprising

A new type of prompt! See, we’re still relevant!

You get a genre, a protagonist and a situation. You must work all three into a story or your nipples will shrivel up and fall off. Seriously.

Genre: Mystery

Person: A schizophrenic telephone operator

Situation: Zombies have invaded a suburban neighborhood

Use this sentence somewhere in your story: It was just another day of killing zombies on the beach for Veronica.

A suburban housing subdivision is infested with zombies. Write a story either explaining how this came to be or how the infestation is dealt with. Or both.

Aren’t most suburbs filled with zombies? Har, har, har …

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